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Does Orthodontics Help Your Overall Health?


Everybody in Springville, UT, knows that braces improve your smile. With straighter teeth and an aligned bite, you can smile, eat and talk with confidence. But did you know orthodontics can actually improve your overall health? 

That’s right; everything from bodily aches and pain to trouble sleeping can be addressed by receiving dental treatment from a Springville orthodontist like Dr. Church.

Health Drawbacks of Crooked/Misaligned Teeth

One of the biggest drawbacks of crooked teeth and misaligned bites in Springville is that it makes it harder to maintain good dental hygiene. Those hard-to-reach places can develop plaque and bacteria that can lead to gum disease and other problems. Furthermore, studies show that dental health may directly be related to heart disease.

There are plenty of other health disadvantages:

  • TMJ disorders – Temporomandibular joint disorders cause lockjaw, tenderness around the ears and pain while chewing. They’re also caused by misaligned bites.
  • Sleep problems – If your bite is misaligned, it may cause problems with your airway and flow of oxygen. This can lead to snoring, insomnia and fatigue.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – Since your mouth is the beginning of your digestive tract, any bacteria that develops can travel and lead to problems in other areas.
  • Breathing difficulties – Crooked teeth and misaligned bites can also affect daily airflow and narrow sinuses due to gaps.
  • Headaches/body pains – When your teeth or jaw are imbalanced, it can cause grinding, clenching and tension. This makes your muscles work harder, which leads to headaches, neck pains and shoulder pains.

Fortunately, all these can be addressed by straightening your teeth with orthodontics.

Health Benefits of Braces/Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatments correct alignment and straighten teeth, but they also have several other advantages. Here are a few of them:

  • Higher-quality dental care – If you need additional dental work down the road, straight teeth and an aligned jaw make it easier for your dentist to give you the best treatment possible.
  • Improved hygiene – With straight teeth and an aligned jaw, it’s easier to brush and floss.
  • Better self-confidence – A beautiful smile reduces stress, lowers anxiety and improves confidence.

Want to straighten things out? Come to church, Dr. Church! We can help you see how orthodontics help improve the overall health of residents in Springville, Utah. Contact us today.

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