Braces or aligners don’t just create great smiles. A solid bite also can help improve problems with swallowing or chewing, difficulty speaking, and breathing issues.

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Canyon Creek Ortho has the latest products and technology to straighten every kind of smile. From DAMON braces to Invisalign with remote appointments we can help you achieve your goals. CCO – 801-704-9301
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Who is Invisalign Suitable For?

Invisalign is suitable for almost anyone wanting to improve their smile or arrange their teeth in a more orderly fashion.

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Canyon Creek Orthodontics offers multiple teeth straightening options. We want you to be comfortable for the duration of your treatment.One of those options is Invisalign. Contact us today: 801-704-9786 |

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What Causes Crooked Teeth?

•Poor Oral Hygiene
•Early Baby Tooth Loss
•Thumb Sucking
•Tongue Thrusting
•Mouth Breathing
• Trauma

We can help! Call Canyon Creek Orthodontics 801-704-9301

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Signs You Need More Vitamin D:

☀️Fatigue and Tiredness
☀️Muscle Pain and Weakness
☀️Depression or Irritability
☀️Respiratory Problems

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If at first you don\’t succeed – do it like your mother told you! Mom\’s know best! Happy Mother\’s Day From all of us at Canyon Creek Orthodontics!

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Here are a few reasons to smile: Smiles create friendships, Smiling relieves stress and can lower your blood pressure, Smiling helps you stay positive, and Smiles are Contagious!

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Happy Cinco De Mayo! Olé!!! 🎶🎵

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“May The Fourth Be With You”

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