Teen Orthodontics

Your teeth are one of the few things you’ll likely have for all your life. Most people have all their permanent teeth by the time they’re a teenager, so it’s an ideal time to address problems that would otherwise trouble them forever (like crooked teeth and bad bites). Teen orthodontic treatments can solve these problems and are the best way to ensure a permanently healthy, beautiful smile.

Common Teeth Problems for Teens
By the time someone is 12, it’s usually easy to detect teeth problems, since most permanent teeth have erupted. Here are some of the common problems teen usually face:
• Overbite
• Crossbite
• Openbite
• Crowding
• Spacing
• Upper front teeth protrusion
If you think your teen has any of these problems, it’s important to seek orthodontic treatment at our Frisco office early so they can get the most benefits possible.

Advantages of Teen Ortho
Why get treatment early? There are a number of advantages of teen ortho that simply aren’t possible with adult orthodontics. For one, teenagers are still growing, so orthodontists can take advantage of growth spurts to shape teeth and bites correctly and quickly. Another advantage is that many children in this age range have braces, so there’s no pressure to fit in. Finally, teen orthodontic treatments mean the person will have healthier teeth for a longer period in their life.

Types of Teen Ortho
You or your teen might not know, but thanks to today’s technology, there are multiple types of braces out there. Options include traditional, clear, light, and low-profile, as well as the popular Invisalign System. Speaking with an orthodontist can help you decide which is the best option for your teen.

Teen ortho in Springville has never been easier and more beneficial than it is today. Schedule a consultation now for results that last a lifetime! Now taking new orthodontic teen patients from Springville, Utah County, Spanish Fork, Provo, Orem, and beyond.

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